Стойка ресепшн Philo

Alea Италия

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Дизайн: by Mirto Antonel & Filippon

  • Материал и отделка - ДСП, меламин, лак, стекло, оргстекло
  • Кромка - ABS пластиковая противоударная

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+7 (499) 638-27-41+7 (499) 638-27-41

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Доставка 24 часа, разгрузка, сборка, утилизация упаковки. Подробности можно узнать у менеджера.


Alea is a company leader in the office furniture industry since 1973. A signature design and homogeneous style are present in all the collections. Alea offers a variety of series, from the executive lines to the operative systems, to the seating lines. Each collection can provide customized solutions, unique and sophisticated.

Alea is constantly focused to deliver a product that meets the client's expectations and needs.

Alea headquarters and plants are located in the north of Italy, within one of the most productive and innovative manufacturing district of Europe. The physical manufacturing facility covers approximately 15,000 square meters and is equipped with the most advanced technologies and machineries. Recently the headquarters have been completely renovated housing high endoffices and meeting areas.

Alea deploys a quality program that provides with a platform of designers and suppliers to our plants so that timely delivery and impeccable design can go hand in hand. Alea production is "just in time" and relies on a network of local furniture components suppliers, giving the flexibility necessary to answers the clients needs in a timely effective manner. Alea quality program can successfully manage a large number of collections maintaining their own features and peculiarities.
A robotized packing line machine guarantees the integrity of the product while ensuring on time delivery. Alea team offers a first class customer service and design assistance to all his clients.


Стойка ресепшн Philo - дорогая офисная мебель премиального качества бренда Alea, производство в стране Италия. Стойка ресепшн прямоугольной формы - заказать в каталоге Look-Office.ru с доставкой по Москве и России.

Компания Look Office предлагает разработку дизайн-проекта для вашего офиса, доставку, разгрузку, сборку премиальной офисной мебели и утилизацию упаковки. Профессиональная консультация дизайнеров по телефону 8 (499) 638-27-41.

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